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Heavy Duty Diesel Filters stocks diesel oxidation catalysts or DOC's and diesel particulate filters or DPF's for a wide variety of Medium Duty Trucks, Buses and Heavy Duty Class 8 Trucks.

If your vehicle’s emission control system needs replacement, we have parts in stock and available for same day shipment and many others available in 2-4 working days.

See Parts List to verify your vehicle’s part number from the Dealer.  When you are ready to order, you can simply add the item to your cart and checkout.  Its that simple.    

The Aftermarket Option

HDfilters DPFExhaust after-treatment systems for medium duty trucks, buses and heavy duty class 8 trucks, model year 2007 and newer, are sophisticated and heavily integrated with the engine and ECU. Until now, no aftermarket systems were available. If the system failed after the warranty period, you would pay for another OEM system. Prices were high simply because the OEM part was the only game in town. That was until now.

After years of development, The DPF's are now being offered in a complete line of aftermarket emission control systems for model year 2007 and newer medium duty trucks, buses and heavy duty class 8 diesel trucks. The particulate control systems are available for all major truck manufacturers and built to equivalent or better standards than the OEM system. All the systems are tested and guaranteed to work with your truck engine the same way an OEM system would.


DPF for Detroit Diesel Series 60

DPF for Cummins ISX
  • Replaces the OEM part as a direct fit with no cutting or welding required.
  • Cordierite wall-flow DPF core.
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel construction.
  • Get only what you need – whether it is the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) component or diesel particulate filter (DPF) component, or both.
  • Coated with platinum and palladium according to the same catalytic activity level of the OEM component, both for DOC and DPF components.
  • Includes all the necessary ports and attachments for sensors.
  • Spare gaskets available upon request.
  • Existing clamps may be used or new ones supplied upon request.
  • Parts List


About Prices and Availability

  • Get deep savings by buying direct from
  • Next day shipment for in stock parts, and 5-10 working days for most other parts.
  • Visa and Mastercard payments accepted as well as wire transfers.

HDfilters Inc. stocks a wide range of diesel particulate filters (DPFs) for model year 2007 and newer medium duty trucks, buses and heavy duty class 8 diesel trucks. All diesel particulate filters are guaranteed to install as a direct fit part and work with your truck’s ECU. All DPFs are manufactured in North America to quality standards equaling or exceeding the original part.


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